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A Company with 40 years of experience in the local and national market, that offers the widest variety of products manufactured in our plant in the industrialization of marble, natural granite and other ornamental rocks.

For this purpose our company owns three industrial plants located in the province of Mendoza, where our material is processed to supply the regional, national and international market.

Pure Marble has a large area for the industrialization of the different products, a high technology as regards marble cutting, polishing and glazing as well as in the manufacturing of floors and coverings.

  Our company has quarries in the provinces of San Juan and Mendoza that provide a great supply of raw material, both in quality and quantity.


Show Room: Salta 2080 esquina Beltrán CP (5500) Mendoza Argentina
Tel/Fax (54 261) 438 0547/67
Planta industrial: Tel/Fax (54 261) 444 4811 / 66
E-mail: pmarmol@rcc.com.ar